Creative Play – An Introduction

Hey gang,
Let me introduce myself, if you don’t already know me. I am Keith Kehrer a career musician and live long creator. I was raised by an amazing opera singer in suburban NJ, but New York City is where I learned to be me. I have been playing music for my whole life and people actually started paying me to do it since I was 15. The key word here is play. People always give us a hard time saying that we are just playing around and really being productive and being serious about life and making a living. Let me tell you something. That play is hard work. Learning to read music, scales, chords, how to structure music, record, engineer, promote, market our music are all really challenging and people expect us to do all these things (especially in the modern music climate) and act like it was nothing when we hit the stage. I don’t think any other career has so many expections and is party to so much misinformation.

I digress. we are talking about play. I am going to spend the rest of this series talking about creative play, how to open up your life to the joy of exploration, play time and just freeing yourself so that your fun and inspiration are like the air you breath.


See you next week.

Keith Kehrer
Kamakaze Krush

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