Balancing Life, Art, Family and battling depression

Sometimes us artists struggle to maintain some kind of normal life while diving into our demons and flying with the angels to fuel our creative fires.

I will be honest with your when I say that I fight every day to stay sane and to take care of those boring and frustrating things like paying the bills, staying healthy and taking care of a family.

So… Keith, how do deal with this stuff? Mostly I just keep going. I am not much of a planner so I live in a world of day to day. I am always changing, mixing things up so I don’t feel hemmed in. I still have to eat, sleep and make money and hopefully make the ones I love feel loved while I am ignoring them to pursue my muse. I find that doing things in small spurts is the only way I can balance things. A little bit here, 5 minutes there. I keep track of what I need and want to do in an online task manager and procrastinate like crazy. I have so many projects in the hopper waiting for my attention, so I have to spend the time deciding what is important to me. the fires to put out keep coming and most of them have nothing to do with music and creation. So, I put them out and then keep up my guitar and just play. I am making some progress and I have found that networking with other people and finding musical playmates helps keep me on track. I am in a band and forming another, I go to Electronic Music production meetups and meet future collaborators. I can’t be an artist in a vacuum so I push myself out the door to be with other people. Creating can be a solitary pursuit, but sometimes it is better have other people around.

So there you have it, my honest sharing of my artist and life struggles. I am sure I will be writing more. This is kind of my version of the famous blog Zen Habits.

I have notice that there have been quite few people signing up for the blog. Please feel free to introduce yourself and share what you have been doing.

Thanks for reading
Keith Kehrer
Kamakaze Music

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