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Our Philosophy

Music is Master / Divine Resonance

Legend has it that a great typhoon turned the tide in Japan’s battle against Kublai Khan and the Mongols. The typhoon was named the Kamakaze or the Divine Wind. Later during World War II, the name was resurrected and the Japanese pilots followed a five point plan.

The elements of that plan are:

  1. Loyalty – commitment, allegiance, loyalty, dedication
  2. Propriety – properness, correctitude — (correct or appropriate behavior)
  3. Valor – heroism, gallantry, valor, valour, valorousness, valiance, valiancy
  4. Righteousness – adhering to moral principles
  5. Simplicity – ease, easiness, freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort

In the creation of music these elements are crucial.

  1. Loyalty – Kamakaze Music is committed to honor and give full attention to our clients.
  2. Propriety – Kamakaze Music will create the best and most appropriate music and sounds for your project.
  3. Valor – Kamakaze Music will not be afraid to tread new ground in the effort to give you the best music and sounds.
  4. Righteousness – With Kamakaze Music you will always be treated fairly and with integrity.
  5. Simplicity – Kamakaze Music will strive to make working with us easy and free from hassles.

Focusing the power of the Divine Wind we create divine resonance with beautiful, powerful music that will allow you like the Japanese to triumph in the marketplace.

When you hire Kamakaze Music you know your music is master.

Our Philosophy

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